Employers and Workers Agree: Onboarding is a Pain

Employment is hard. CV’s, reference checks, qualification checks, Visas, government forms, paperwork, bank details and payroll administration make the process slow, cumbersome and painful. Get it wrong and the results are very costly. The nature of work is evolving to shorter term engagements and there has never been a greater need for an infrastructure that makes these processes simple, efficient, effective and compliant.


The World’s First Smart Employment Contract on the Blockchain

Onboarding is easy with Emparta. Our infrastructure empowers employers and job-seekers with instant onboarding and optional payments in cryptocurrency, allowing businesses to identify, select, and onboard employees in minutes—rather than weeks.

The Emparta infrastructure can be used by third party platforms (e.g. job boards) to provide their users the benefits of smart employment on the blockchain. It offers heightened data security, assures compliance with local hiring laws, and automates wages in crypto or fiat (traditional currency). Employees don’t even need a bank account!

Validated CV’s on the blockchain

A Portable Employment Passport and Identity

Individuals can manage and own their portable employment identity (essentially their employment passport). Utilizing an established network of third party validators that verify off-chain claims in exchange for Emparta tokens, individuals can request the independent verification of all types of claims they make relating to employment history, qualifications and experience. Third party validators will be reputed and insured organizations and institutions that guarantee the attestations they make.

Optional Payments in Cryptocurrency

The Emparta Stablecoin

Through the app, individuals can also opt to receive payment in a variety of supported cryptocurrencies, including a native stablecoin that’s 100% backed by and redeemable for fiat currency. The system doesn’t require employers to hold cryptocurrency or employees to have a bank account. This revolutionary innovation will provide a simple way for users to receive income in cryptocurrency—a crucial step to its mainstream adoption.


Emparta Makes it Easy

The Emparta employment infrastructure makes it quick and easy to engage employees compliantly.

Decentralised Employment Data
Data belongs to Users

Users own their data and may securely monetize or share it

Trustless Identity Validation
CV's that are real

Immutable, easily verifiable qualifications, work history and employee profiles

Instant Onboarding
Employment Information off the Blockchain

No need to enter data or collect information for payroll systems

Simplified Record Keeping and Processing
Smart Employment Contracts on the Blockchain

Emparta eliminates paperwork, admin and intermediaries with immutable records held securely on the blockchain

Automated Crypto Payments
Payments in crypto without an employer holding crypto

Optional wage payments in crypto including a stablecoin. Frictionless cross border payments and remittances

Compliant Engagement
Engage temporary workers as employees

By instantly onboarding workers as employees, Emparta also eliminates the risk of misclassifying workers – a common mistake that can result in devastating legal consequences.

Our Partners

Introducing our Project Partners

Emparta is delighted to have partnered with outstanding companies that add enormous value to our project.

Bit Trade is Australia’s longest-running cryptocurrency exchange having offered its services since 2013. Bit Trade are founding members of the Australian Digital Commerce Association (ADCA). ADCA is the industry body that represents Australian businesses and organizations that participate in the digital economy through blockchain technology. Bit Trade is a cornerstone partner and shareholder in Emparta, providing technical resources to the project and unrivalled expertise in blockchain.

Offering more than 1000 different validation and verification services on demand across 190 countries, CV check is a trusted leader in the validation of employment and identity information. CVCheck is an ASX listed company with offices in Australia and New Zealand offering global background screening for individuals, organisations and government departments. Employers and individuals can verify references, work entitlement, qualifications, police checks and more using CVCheck's technologically advanced and secure platform. CV Check has signed an MOU with Emparta to trial attestation and validation services on its employment infrastructure service.

Gaudium Capital is an international boutique firm specializing in pre-seed capital, seed capital, and related startup services. Gaudium engages with startup companies all around the world to help deliver the future. Their expertise extends to new tech, fintech, and blockchain. Gaudium Capital currently has operations in United States, Australia, and Spain.


How our Stablecoin is used

Our ERC-223 stablecoin powers payments and provides a simplified on ramp for dollars on the blockchain.

Users pay nominal fees for activities (eg, onboarding) and earn tokens for activities (using the network, making referrals, having high user ratings). Validation and training services from the network are paid for with our 1:1  dollar backed and redeemable stablecoin.  Employers can stake tokens for access to advanced features.


The Emparta Road Map

The Emparta project began as Squaddle, an app that connects hospitality workers to businesses on demand. Squaddle has now become Emparta as we transition our user base to the blockchain.

2017 Q1
Squaddle is launched
  • Launched on iOS and Android
  • Early users and revenue
2017 Q4
Squaddle Grows
  • Proving the concept can work
  • 20,000 users and 400 business
  • Strategic review
2018 Q1
Blockchain Investigated
  • Decision to migrate platform to Blockchain
  • Decentralized business model conceived
2018 Q2
Emparta Project Commenced
  • Seed funding raised
  • Commencement of Emparta Payments Alpha build
2018 Q3
Strategic Partnerships
  • Cornerstone partnerships with CV Check and BitTrade
  • Prototype deployed on Ethereum testnet
2018 Q4
Private Equity Funding
  • Strategic Partners
  • Stablecoin compliance completed
2019 Q1
Stablecoin Launch
  • Stablecoin launched on Australian exchanges
  • MOU's signed with international partners for Emparta
2019 Q2
Private Beta Testing
  • Employment infrastructure tested with strategic partners
  • User acquisition for Emparta Payments ramps up
2019 Q3
Public Beta Release
  • Employment infrastructure components go live through key partner channels in Australia
2019 Q4
International Expansion
  • Employment infrastructure commences with the UK market... US, Canada and other key markets to follow
Meet The Team

Executive team

Emparta has a world class team of executives with decades of experience in the delivery of large scale technology projects.

Adam Sarris
Co-Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur, Adam Sarris has extensive experience in the design and implementation of technology-based business solutions. Along with James Hill, he co-founded Squaddle, a successful online platform in Australia that provides hospitality workers on demand

James Hill
Co-founder & COO

James Hill has extensive experience in leading large-scale, technology-based operations. He’s the co-founder of Squaddle with Adam Sarris and has more than 18 years of experience in high-profile roles across multiple industries including including serving as GM of retail for iiNet, Australia’s third-largest ISP.

Laura Dew
Chief Marketing Officer

Laura is a highly respected marketing professional with more than 15 years of experience in marketing and PR internationally. This includes roles as the Director of Marketing Asia Pacific for Yelp and Chief Marketing Officer for Crowd Connect.

David Heldsinger
Legal Counsel

David has over 25 years’ experience in industrial relations law acquired in the UK and Australia. David completed his articles at the “magic circle” firm of Linklaters Alliance in London where he practiced for 8 years before migrating to Perth in 1996. He now runs his own practice (Heldsinger Legal) based in Perth.

Phil Carulli

Phil is a highly experienced and skilled corporate advisor and taxation specialist. His is also one of Australia’s most knowledgeable advisors in the cryptocurrency space having worked with many ICO and blockchain clients.

Michael Mylonas
Community Manager

Michael is a self proclaimed  'cryptocurrency obsessive' with a passion for all things crypto.  He is also an experienced marketing and social media expert making the combination of his two passions the perfect blend for Community Management.

Alvaro Jimenez
Strategic Advisor

Alvaro is the founder of Gaudium Capital and a former Blockchain Strategic Advisor for New Alchemy and Finance Manager for Microsoft. Alvaro has extensive experience in aligning the strategy of blockchain based enterprises to the needs of capital markets and investment groups.

Meet The Team

Our World Class Technical Team

Bit Trade is a cornerstone partner for the development of the Emparta Project

Josh Graham
Technology Lead

Josh is the Bit Trade CTO and has 28 years’ experience in the software industry. He is a cloud computing expert, blockchain expert, speaker, track host, and chair at conferences on SOA, enterprise architecture, agile software delivery, and technology innovation. He is a "modern enterprise architect, applying the principles of agile software development and software craftsmanship across architectural disciplines. Josh has held senior roles at influential startups and consultancies like mPort, Simple Machines, Canva, Atlassian, Hashrocket, and ThoughtWorks.

Mat Mytka
Product Design Lead

Mat is the Head of Product & Growth at Bit Trade and has a diverse career spanning construction, documentary film, education, marketing, design and product management. His experience in and passion for privacy rights, personal data, decentralised tech and digital self-sovereignty spans a decade. With project experience in digital identity, wellbeing tech and recent tenure leading platform product at Meeco, a personal information management startup.

Niels Draaisma
Senior Blockchain Engineer

Niels is a skilled, hands-on software engineer with a project history of over 15 years, working for a broad variety of companies ranging from multinational consulting and telecommunication companies to small tech startups. Niels is currently a Senior Blockchain engineer for Bit Trade.

Meet the Advisors

Our World Class Project Advisors

Matthew Iustini
Industry Advisor

As CEO of national Labour Hire firm Technical Resources Matt has more than 17 years’ experience in the Labour Hire and temporary resources market in the UK and Australia. With offices in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, Technical Resources is involved in the supply of contingent labour for most major projects in Australia.

Christian Ferri
Blockchain Evangelist

Christian is a renowned expert in Blockchain, ICOs and Cryptocurrencies who has given presentations across the world including the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and the Blockchain Economic Forum in New York, Singapore and San Francisco.Former Lead at PwC Tech.

Jonathon Miller
Blockchain Expert

Jonathon is co-founder and CEO of Bit Trade and is a director of Bit Trade Labs. He holds an honours degree in political economics and runs an indie record label, but exercises the force of his creativity as a blockchain consultant with specialist understanding of product development and blockchain technology.

Ian Lord
Project Advisor

Ian is a highly experienced technology specialist having held Directorship roles for Ernst & Young as well as PwC where he led Enterprise Applications and Transformation Services. He is one of Australia’s most respected IT practitioners having been involved with more than 50+ separate ERP implementations around the world. Ian is a crypto and blockchain enthusiast.

Amir Farhand
Project Advisor

Amir is the Founder and CEO of Takor Ltd and Soar, the world’s first decentralised drone platform. Amir is a serial entrepreneur and innovative thinker with decades of project experience.

Greg Cartwright
Technical Advisor

Greg is the former Head of Technology for Asgard Wealth Solutions one of Australia’s largest wealth management companies and has decades of experience in large scale technology development projects. Greg has international experience having worked for the Royal bank of Scotland as Development Manager.

Hugo O'Connor
Blockchain Expert

Hugo is a co-founder and Director Bit Trade Australia as well as a full stack developer. Hugo has worked on several startups including co-founding Bit Trade Australia and not-for-profit cold pressed juice company Joostice. He has most recently written a white paper on distributed organisational capacity of blockchains (UnionD).

Lance Brockway
Project Advisor

Lance is a highly respected Technology Executive having held senior positions at INPEX as GM of Application Build Services and GM of Technology for GESB Superannuation among many others. Lance has extensive experience as project director for dozens of large scale software development projects in the Finance and Resources industries..

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